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Netherlands Embassy in Baghdad

Street 15, house 7
Al Kindy area, District 215
International Zone

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December 20, 2016 A delegation from the Netherlands Embassy headed by Ambassador Jan Waltmans visited Basrah for the celebration of appointing a Honorary Consul. The delegation visited the governor, Dr. Majid Alnasrawi, to hand a copy of the note of the Iraqi Government approval on assigning the Honorary Consul, Mr. Simon Damen Willems, along with a discussion about the positive impact the appointment can have on cooperation between Basrah and the Netherlands. The delegation also visited the Head of the Provincial Council in Basrah, Mr. Sabah Albazooni, in which the discussions were about the positive impact of appointing an Honorary Consul in Basrah. In particular the agriculture and water management sectors were mention, in addition to the energy sector. At the official ceremony of appointing the Honorary Consul, the Ambassador handed over the official document of his appointment to Mr. Simon Damen Willems. The Ambassador indicated in his speech the depth of the bilateral relations since 16th Century. Representatives of the Basrah Governor and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed the importance of this renewed diplomatic representation of the Netherlands in Basrah.